This extraordinary and effective treatment comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Speedcoat is a tough, durable coating that can be applied to shower trays and can save owners thousands of pounds.

When a shower tray cracks it not only becomes unsightly, it can cause water to seep past and cause extensive damage to motorhome or caravan floors.

Replacing shower trays can be an extremely costly and complicated business. In some cases roofs or walls have to be removed just to be able to fit a replacement.

At this point many caravan owners find replacing the shower tray a very expensive process, that’s why we recommend – Speedcoat!

We will re-coat your damaged shower tray in situ using an attractive, non-slip, incredibly durable, textured new surface. The savings you could achieve are immense.

Your newly-repaired tray will look like new and be completely protected against future leaks. The same coating is used to spray the inside of pick-up truck load beds and anti-slip surfaces on boat gulleys, so rest assured it is strong and durable. You can even choose from a range of various colours. Bespoke finishes can also be catered for.

Speedcoat is a ‘cracking’ solution!!!

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